Air Conditioned Class Rooms

Walk into any of the classrooms of any building of IPMT Campus and the spontaneous reaction is, great!!! Yes, it is. IPMT Campus has brought innovative technology into all the classrooms for providing an effective learning to the young minds. IPMT Campus provides one of the best facilities to JEE main , JEE advanced, neet (ug)/aiims aspirants

Virtual Class Room Studios

In these studios, we develop the complete video lectures of each and every topic of the course curriculum as we don't want any of our student to miss any single part of the knowledge imparted by our experts and even we provide online lectures for our students who are not able to join our classroom courses in our online learinig program.

IPMT Campus Practical Lab

Unlike others, apart from the theoretical knowledge IPMT Campus emphasizes learning the concepts practically. In IPMT Campus practical lab our experts explain the critical concepts of science in a practical manner which makes students understand the concept easily.

IPMT Campus Solution Lab

IPMT Campus unique feature which crafts the organization different from other coaching institute. We have highly demanded video lectures and solution for JEE main/ JEE advanced and aiims/neet which consists of all the topics from physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology. We also provide video solutions for exercise sheets.